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I composed this post with Shruti at http://ashadeofpen.wordpress.com/ in order to help Hasty celebrate her first year blog anniversary.  Congratulations Hasty! http://hastywords.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/help-me-celebrate/   I forgot to discuss the title with Shruti prior to posting and so I just used the first line.  She may want to change it…

How often you wander in my
How rare I find you in my arms
Even when you haunt me in my
I helplessly smile staring at your greens
If within a moment that you
I could find the echo of your
Then perhaps I could find you,
as I surmise your being, your embrace
the depth of your eyes

There is a powerful ocean inside
Despite my attempts to lock my heart
You pierce through the iron walls
And leave me teasing with promises of love
But I won't betray the value of your passion
in this innate formula which makes you restless
I would rather be a servant or a hero
to appease your every need as I am your champion
So, will you stay by my side?
Will you satiate my need for you?
Will you pamper my blossoming heart?
Or once again, I will be another "spot" on your road

I will never fail to walk beside you
or deny my world the strength of our league
your heart will never be for want
as I abide your whims and forever move in your direction

Your words like magic captivate my heart
My eyes are locked forever with yours
No more doubts, no more questions
Because my LOVE has finally found its true destiny

Because my love is my soul
because my soul is free for you
all for my love for endless days
there will forever be nothing that I won't do