Ok well I went out for ice cream today and I learned just how famous one of my favorite bloggers is.  She always claims to be famous but I thought she was exaggerating.  Now I know she’s not, because at the ice cream place, they named a burger after her.  The BECCA BURGER http://ladyornot.com/


The BECCA BURGER is full of lots of cheese, of course ;) and it’s not cheap! (Also, of course).  As you can see, it’s one of the most expensive burgers at $8.50.


The BECCA BURGER even has a home made sign for it.


Doesn’t it look like the burger is smiling with some great pointy teeth?

Ok and if that doesn’t convince you that Becca at http://ladyornot.com/ is famous, then maybe this will be the proof you need.


She shares the same honor with the King himself.

You impress me Becca!  Are you getting royalties?