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I composed this post with Shruti at http://ashadeofpen.wordpress.com/  Thanks Shruti!

A million worries escape my mind
As I fall deeper into your eyes
I have forever to live with you
And still I wish to have more

You are my wholeness and my grace
endeavoring me to take on the world
and the world overwhelms me
laying me down, bringing me to you

It is your torch of hope that you bear
That builds in me the promise of happy times
Even when I am curled up alone in the bed
The memories are strong enough to stir me up

It is a tumult of your decorum
spanning every moment I devise
as I speak out, reaching for clarity
the pure acumen of only knowing you

I have never been so sure of tomorrow
I can walk the whole mile with closed eyes
Because as long as you are by my side
I know I am in for a fairy tale ride

Once strong, now stronger here I stay
bide me and abide me as I am for you
with no doubts only tomorrows
as I am bracing time to make it longer

Together, we will defy all the odds
The bond of love forever shall last
Until we reach the end of times
My hand in yours will remain entwined

And we will take on the world together...