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I composed this poem with Shruti at http://ashadeofpen.wordpress.com/  Thanks Shruti!


It began naturally, with little to devise
until that day I commenced to surmise
we absconded the world, we left behind
all but ourselves, our paths redefined.

I fell so hard in the ocean of your eyes
I could not fathom the darkness and the lies
You were so different from what I thought
And in this moment, I break apart.

Carrying those few words you shed on my skin
as the turmoil and cruelty was set to begin
I trace back the transition, the moment you changed
when our involvement and relationship rearranged.

Today, when I look back, it seems it was foolish of me
I trusted you so blindly and thereby I failed to see
The heinous vices that you bore in your heart
While I gave my all, you mercilessly tossed it apart.

And here we are with nothing left to grieve
as I suffer confusion and seek reprieve
there is no manner to prove where the fault lies
until once again, I commence to surmise.