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I composed this poem with Hasty at http://hastywords.wordpress.com/ She has posted this same poem with an alternate ending on her blog.  Her version is entitled “Finding Death” have a look http://hastywords.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/finding-death/

Thanks Hasty!  I always enjoy writing with you.

Sometimes my heart beat is silent
And my mind is too tired to think
I sit inside my skin feeling empty
As the world around me sinks
Within this thick skin strides my soul
a fruitless banquet of all my fears
ravished by other's wraths and faults
forcing anger while battling tears
Reduced to an emotional skeleton
Phantoms born from my breath
Dance hauntingly in the dark
Escorting from me life into death
And that heaving spirit grips my veins
as I stagger with a severed mind
bracing desperately with my bloodied heels
while my greatest strengths weaken me blind
Supernatural love welled up inside me
A spring of life never ending, flowing
Washing away every crippling sorrow
No longer wilting I once again start growing