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I’ve gotten some incredible feedback regarding “The Journal of Wall Grimm” and I deeply appreciate that, thank you so much!

I’ve also had a lot of people express some curiosity about the character Grimm and the things that he experiences.  On occasion people have had a little confusion about whether or not I myself am Grimm.  Hopefully this post will clear it up for those who have been following Grimm and are unsure, and for those who have just started following my blog.  This post was motivated by my email interaction with one specific person.  This interaction took place today.  That will save any of you from wondering what triggered this, I hope.

I created a page for the Wall Grimm character and post directory, that may answer some questions, explain some things, clarify who’s who, and it provides links to the various posts.  The characters with asterisks are based on either real bloggers who wanted to be a character in Wall Grimm’s world, or fictional characters created by other bloggers specifically to be a part of his world.  Anyone can participate in that, just let me know.

Emma is the girl that Grimm is in love with, but she is pure fiction.  I made her up entirely.  She’s not even remotely based upon anyone I’ve ever known.

“The Journal of Wall Grimm” is mostly fiction.  That’s where people seem to be getting confused.

Wall Grimm is roughly based on me and my experiences, but not everything in the story is real.  Some people are based on real people I’ve known or encountered.  Some people are pure fiction.  Any fiction writer will tell you that there is often that blend of true life experiences into our fictional stories.

But Grimm is more of my younger self, thrown into some of my own experiences, and manipulated into many made up situations.  I’m grown from my Grimm days at this point so the line between fiction and nonfiction isn’t very applicable, since it’s in the past, it’s all fiction for me in my current life, if that makes any sense.

Sage Doyle is a pen name.  Many people have also asked me why I chose to write under a pen name.  I can’t even remember if I’ve ever explained it thoroughly on my blog, but I know I’ve told some people privately.  Basically, I’ve been writing most of my life and about 10 years ago I did attempt publication, but then I went to college and so my writing was put on hold.  After achieving my B.A. and my Master’s, I decided to pursue publication again.  I started last Summer by going into writers’ chatrooms and getting to know the business, since I was sure it changed in the last 10 years.  I had already decided at that time to use a pen name, because I always dreamed of being the successful but reclusive writer, famous but anonymous I suppose.  Yet I learned that it’s not really like that anymore.  I was informed however, that in order to be considered by an agent or publisher, I would need an online presence.  I was advised that the online presence should be made under the pen name because it didn’t make any sense to get some notice under one name then try to publish under another.  So I stuck with Sage Doyle.

Many people have asked me for my identity, which is understandable, people get curious.  But I’m sorry my friends, that will remain a secret, at least for the time being.  That said, Grimm is a version of the younger Sage, whoever Sage may be.  Currently in my life I am not going through any of the things Grimm is going through.  That is either the past, or not real.   Currently, I’m keeping most of my private life private.  That includes friends, family, employment, associations, my own current real life love interest that I’m in a relationship with….etc.

Last thing, this was not intended to deter anyone from asking questions, I don’t mean to be putting anyone off.  Rather, this was just to clarify some things and maybe end some confusion.  I honestly enjoy all the interaction I have with readers and bloggers.  Those who have been following me for a while know that’s true.

Anyway, I’m not really that mysterious.  The Charlie Chaplin quote in my “About” page pretty much describes me, except for the lonely part.  And again, this post was not intended to prevent any kind of interaction, curious or otherwise.  Please feel free to contact me for whatever reason, questions, concerns… @sagedoyle sagedoyle@yahoo.com