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Ok I am in my new home on this rainy morning having coffee and thinking about working on my novel.  I have some bad news however.  I am currently being stalked, harassed, and threatened by someone in the cyber world.  Therefore, I’ve decided on a temporary basis that I will make my blog private until I figure out what to do.  Hopefully I won’t need to resort to contacting the authorities.  I’ve researched this type of a situation and all recommendations mention contacting the police and filing a report with the FBI, which I came close to doing last night.  All I wanted was to be incognito and anonymous and as a result of that, I am being stalked and threatened with harm.  I’m making my blog private until I decide what to do.  This is devastating to me because I only started a blog and came into this cyber world in order to establish the writing career I’ve always dreamed of, and now all the work I put into it may have been fruitless.  I’d always had it in my mind that at least if I didn’t get published, I would be satisfied with my success as a blogger, but now I won’t even have that.  At least, I hope, this will be temporary.  This is why I’m just making the blog private for now, and I would like to make it public again if this matter is resolved.  Anyway, I truly hope to be back.  I’ll probably lose followers but if I’m able to return then it will be easier to rebuild than to start from scratch.  In the meanwhile, the good side to this is that I will pour all my energies into working on my novel and pursuing publication.  So who knows, maybe I’ll be back as a published author.  Please forgive me that I have decided to back away, but I would never make this choice if I didn’t feel so threatened.  All my best to my loyal followers and readers, I have loved being a part of this community.  Unfortunately you may not be able to comment on this because immediately upon posting this I will change my blog to private.

Thanks again for everything.