Ok, well it’s only been a few days but I miss my blog.  Truthfully, it’s not even the writing that I miss it’s the connection to the blogging community.  There seems to have been some resolve with the threatening situation so I’ve decided to go public again.  If by any chance the quiet is short lived, I may have to go back into being private, but I’ll keep you all updated.  If I’m forced into going private again, then I won’t hesitate to contact the police and file a report with the FBI.  I worked too hard to establish my little bit of success here, and I’ve never been happier as a writer; I can’t allow someone to force me into obscurity and destroy everything I worked so hard for, basically my life long ambitions.

I think I may still take a pause from posting much, putting things on hold for a bit because I do want to focus on my novel.  I also think I’d like to spend the time blog surfing, focusing on my fellow bloggers rather than myself.  The benefits of this focus will be a gentler ease back into being an active blogger, as I’m still a little paranoid about the potential for the situation to re-emerge.

Two things before I go:

1.  I have decided to eliminate the option to participate in “The Journal of Wall Grimm” and I updated the Character and Post Directory accordingly.  As I state there, if your name (or character’s name) is in the Character Directory, then you can still participate.  I just won’t be working with new people on that.  This rule excludes one blogger whose character is already plotted out to meet Grimm during the roadtrip.  Her character will be the last new person to enter Grimm’s world.

2.  Obviously I changed the background of my blog.  I understand that it is hard to read the posts, so this is only temporary.  I think it looks kind of cool so I’m going to keep it up until I begin to post regularly again.  That way, if someone comes and there are no new posts, at least it looks cool lol.

Ok that’s all for now, thanks for being here!