Anyone interested in guest blogging?

Ok well I’ve had a series of unconventional posts this week, for one reason or another:

1.  Moving

2.  Being stalked

3.  My like button not working

4.  Working on my novel

I call them unconventional posts because I’m communicating like a real blogger rather than being all cryptic in my fiction and poetry.  Anyway, this is one more of those posts.

I’m still going to ease my way back into my blogging schedule while I take this opportunity to get my book out there to publishers and agents.  I may post random things sporadically or I may not post at all.  However, my ‘like’ button seems to be working again (knock on wood) so I’ll continue coming around visiting other blogs.

In the meanwhile, if anyone wants to guest post here, it would be a great opportunity for all involved to encounter other blogs, and it would be an interesting change of pace for me.  Just send me an email with the post and the link you want me to use for your blog.  I’ll post it soon after receiving it.  My only guidelines are:

*No politics (depending upon the issue).

*No erotica.

*Nothing pro-violence.

*Nothing discriminating or prejudiced.

*Keep it tasteful and appropriate.

*Also if it could be kept to roughly 1,000 words at most, that would be great.

*My blog’s poetry and fiction, but I’ll take anything that fits in the above guidelines.

I would rate my blog a morally sound R, if that means anything.  Let me know if you’d like to be a part of it. sagedoyle@yahoo.com

Oh and I love zombies, so it would be cool to have zombie stuff here.  Movie/book reviews of various genres are welcome too.

Presently, I’m settling in my new home and being a writer, and seemingly no longer stalked, apart from maybe a neighbor I just acquainted myself with, geesh.

Soon enough, I’ll return to my regular blogging schedule.  And I’ll make the background more visibly conducive, once I’m done admiring how cool it looks.  I’m not very technical, so I have to take the time to have pride in my technical successes when they happen.

I’m thinking of that comedian, don’t remember who it was, but he said something like he loved his audience so much he wanted to take them all home and sleep with them.  I feel that way sometimes about my readers, but I’m not really saying that because I don’t want to provoke any more stalkers lol

Take care,