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This is my second guest post written by a talented poet, and a favorite duet partner, Shruti at http://ashadeofpen.wordpress.com/  This is a beautiful poem, very inspiring and moving.  Thanks Shruti!

"Life Passes"
by Shruti

I look through the tainted glass
I can see life blossom at one end
Just as I inch forward to feel
The image dissolves into thin air

I am startled to see life vanish
The blossoming life is nowhere to be seen
Just as I thought to look again
I spot life inches away from me

Once again, I march ahead
Once again, I hope to see the blossoming life
Just as I had suspected again,
The image dissolves into thin air

Perplexed, amazed and lost in the thoughts
I wonder why I could not hold life
It is then that I spot another vision
The clouds of doubt slowly clear

No matter how hard you wish
No matter how hard you try
You can never hold your life
Because while you would remain unaware
Life would simply pass you by