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Shree at http://about.me/shree.jacob is an artist and writer and I love the way she thinks.  She’s extremely well read and always comments here with some keen insight.  So it is a privilege for me to have her as a guest poet.  Thanks Shree!


"Fire Ignited"
by Shree

Fire ignited,
Burning her innocence;
Flames licking,
Showing no mercy;
Her beauty and her purity
It engulfs
Every day as the night falls;
And darkness reigns,
Her young body ravaged;
Tears fall,
Heart torn and ripped,
A soul writhing in pain...

She closes her eyes,
And through the blazing flames
Of hate and agony and fear unspoken,
She opens her inner eye;
Her child's eye;
And she gazes into the distance
Of all things light and warm and comforing;
Things she had known but long forgotten.
As her Angel now charred and small
Keeps her weeping vigil.