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This is a clever and creative piece by Charron at Charron’s Chatter http://charronschatter.com/ I love the word play and the personalization of this poem.  This is great; you’ll enjoy this one.  Thanks so much Charron!

Gingerly Rooted
are friendships in space
cosmic or cyber, it’s often the case
in hurry to Curry
the favor of many
connections are rendered
tasteless if plenty
making exceptions
Thyme-less as any
repast in Vegas
bought for a penny
Minted by Feds
10 for each 20

Since true friends are Salty
Zesty as Spice
characterized by naughty and nice
by levels of interest
just ask Meming Milly
whose bond with Vanill-y
waxed warm and then Chilli
their subsequent rift
a humdinging Dill-y
a chart stoppin’ wrong
for gilding the lily
A pity because
she tried to be silly.

And then are those
on top of the stack
inherently blessed with talent and tact
fostering friends
in measure and stage
right between posts of
Monster & Mage
Grimmest of Dickheads
gracing his page
Hippies and Hoarders
Potatoes with gauge
I reference, of course,
our Spicy Boy: Sage!