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What a lucky guy I am to get permission from my good friend at http://andro54.wordpress.com/ His site is private, but maybe he’ll let you in…  I love his stuff.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting another one he offered up to me. 

“Slayer of Attraction” is the reblog of a post on his site, the link for the original is here: http://andro54.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/slayer-of-attraction/


Dark Resistance


Hellish Delights of Fantasy

Suffusing Horrors beyond the Fade

Illusionary Indifference

In Collusion with the Brave

Ardent Fervour through Indecision

In a Kiss before Demise

Heartless Passion Flowing

So Deathly is the Prize

Forewarned Damnation

Cruelty of Weaker Minds

Temptation Magnetising

Slayers of Attraction

Forever Immortalised

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