Ok well I went out for ice cream today and I learned just how famous one of my favorite bloggers is.  She always claims to be famous but I thought she was exaggerating.  Now I know she’s not, because at the ice cream place, they named a burger after her.  The BECCA BURGER


The BECCA BURGER is full of lots of cheese, of course ;) and it’s not cheap! (Also, of course).  As you can see, it’s one of the most expensive burgers at $8.50.


The BECCA BURGER even has a home made sign for it.


Doesn’t it look like the burger is smiling with some great pointy teeth?

Ok and if that doesn’t convince you that Becca at is famous, then maybe this will be the proof you need.


She shares the same honor with the King himself.

You impress me Becca!  Are you getting royalties?


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