I’m on board with Hasty http://hastywords.wordpress.com/ on supporting this new blogger, who happens to be the most amazing 12 year old I’ve come across, and the only 12 year old blogger I’ve ever encountered. This is a brand new blog, I think he deserves to have a lot of visitors. Have a look, I promise you’ll be impressed.

Mind of Mine

Now that Ich bin in diese blog world, I’m finally able to share my work with people that aren’t immediate family. For instance, I was re-blogged by Hastywords at http://hastywords.wordpress.com/ I’ve gotten about 128 views so far, and 3 followers! Faster than I expected. That reminds me that I wanted to say that my parents are fine with me being followed, or liked, or re-blogged as long as I am fine with it, which I am =). I would like to thank everyone that has been to my blog, or given me a warm welcome. It is an amazing community, the blogging world. My friend (who would wish to remain anonymous) had told me a while back about what it is like to have a blog, and since then I’ve been pestering my parents for one. We always said I’d get one in the summer, aber at the very end…

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