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I’m trying to find the time to visit my fellow bloggers and be a more active part of the community in that respect.  I just went through my reader and I unfortunately chose to delete some blogs I’ve been following.  I only selected those which don’t look very familiar.  This means that I haven’t seen those blogs much around my own site.  This has no reflection on my appreciation of their blogs.  What it means is that, since I’m following well over 700 blogs, I need to narrow that down in order to be able to reciprocate my dedicated followers.  It’s a time constraint thing and isn’t intended to be an offense or anything like that.

If by any chance I’ve deleted you mistakenly, it’s because your username/blogname maybe aren’t the same, or it was just that I did it too fast to notice.  Please don’t hesitate to say, “hey Sage I come here all the time, wtf?”  There are so many amazing blogs out there, and I only have so much time, like the rest of us.  Therefore, since it’s a challenge to keep up, I’d like to focus on the bloggers who come here all the time and deserve the reciprocation.  I unfortunately may have accidentally deleted some new followers whose names I don’t recognize yet, so if that applies to you, please let me know.  I hope this doesn’t come off as arrogant, because I’m too humble to be arrogant.  This also doesn’t mean I don’t want new followers or new blogs to follow.  So speak up if you believe I’ve unjustly or inadvertantly deleted you, and I will rectify that.

I’m going to assume that most of you experience the same dilemma from time to time.  Blogging isn’t just about my work I want to share, there is a give and take, and it is in fact a community.  I enjoy the community and so I want to be sure I don’t neglected anyone, and guarantee I remain active and involved with the works of everyone else as well.

Thanks so much!

Take care,