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I’m not much of a cynic, but examine this beautiful river:


A little closer you will see:


even closer:


Maybe this came from upstream, regardless, it’s a travesty.

Or maybe it was the same person who tossed this bottle cap and put out this butt alongside this river:


Or who scattered trash along the roadside or on the paths of amazing forests, rivers, and mountains.  I think I’d prefer to believe it was one person, and that not so many people can be so callous.

Maybe it was the asshole, or asshole’s kid who stuck this wad of gum on a scenic wall in the blazing heat so it could stick to my ass when I sat on it for a photo op:


No matter what, please don’t trash our Earth.  I intended to take photos of beauty and nature in order to post, but instead I was continuously horrified and distracted by the effects of what slobs people can be.  I apologize because I think this is probably my most cynical post, but if someone can’t take their trash with them, or wrap a piece of gum in some paper until they find a trash barrel, that is laziness at it’s purest.  Laziness.

If your house is just as disgusting as how you treat this Earth, then I guess you never learned responsibility or a sense of respect.  Wildlife lives in this nature, this is their home, and as humans we have the privilege to enjoy it uninvited.  The person who lives off the land and doesn’t contribute to the destruction of the Earth can argue his/her own case.  Everyone else, please take your trash with you and dispose of it properly.  Otherwise, you are making this world unhealthy for the animals and for those who care.

Sorry for my rant, but that gum ruined a good pair of jeans, which is the least of the destruction all this litter has caused.

Thanks for coming by ;)