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Ok Simon at http://simonworkmann.wordpress.com suggested that I draw a picture about what best describes my blog, and he was kind enough to offer to reblog it once I post it.  If you haven’t gone to his blog yet, you should have a look.  He’s a Renaissance Man at age 12 and that’s no joke.  He has an amazing blog, which is monitored by his parents, so it’s safe to comment, like, and follow.  Anyway, the below photo is what I chose to draw as a metaphor of how I feel about my blog.  The picture depicts me camping.  When I go camping, I’m often breathless by the beauty around me.  I feel the deepest sense of peace.  I feel healthy emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I feel alive and inspired.  I have moments of solitude and introspection.  I have other moments that I share with good people.  These are the reasons why I have chosen this image as a metaphor for what I think most describes my blog and my blogging experience.

Thanks Simon for motivating me to draw this picture!