I thought I received this blog award before, but I can’t find it anywhere.  Maybe it got lost when I received some awards during my extended Winter break before I officially went award free.

Anyway, I am award free insomuch that I don’t have time enough to honor all the obligations that go along with receiving the awards.  However, I am deeply appreciative when I receive them, as it is truly an honor to be considered.  So I like to thank the blogger(s) who give(s) the award(s) in a post, then it’s included on my Award Page.

I recently received the Versatile Blogger Award from two incredible bloggers.

There’s Melissa Nacinovich at http://cocomias.wordpress.com/ who is a woman who is pretty hysterical.  She loves and reviews books, makes jewelry, posts recipes, quotes, anectdotes, and her photography. (Hopefully I didn’t miss anything Melissa, feel free to add anything in the comments below, such as any promos you want to do for items you sell).  She’s definitely versatile, so I suggest you have a look.

Then there’s Simon Workmann at http://simonworkmann.wordpress.com who is a new blogger that is headed towards more success than I ever hoped for when I was his age of 12.  He is also extremely versatile.  He’s an artist, photographer, writer, a cook, and he studies lepidoptery, astronomy, and German.  Simon also has a really cute cat.  Be sure to visit his impressive site.

Thanks Melissa and Simon!

I’m honored,