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I always liked this scene but I’ve had to cut out a significant amount of it in order to avoid giving away any of the story.  There was a lot of dialogue I had to edit out, so the scene is about 1/3 of it’s original length.  Now it’s main focus is the perfect ass, but it did have more substance than that.  Anyway, there aren’t many Sable scenes I can post without giving plot away.  Hopefully this one isn’t too choppy from the edits.

A little about this scene: This is a deleted scene from my novel The Opera. (I’m closer to being finished with edits than I’ve ever been, so I’ll be submitting to agents and publishers very soon).  Jack Mariano, for those who haven’t read my previous deleted scenes, is an A-list actor.  Sable is a friend of his.  Sable’s Irish, but grew up in Scotland, so he has a Scottish accent, kind of tainted by his mother’s Irish accent.  They went and purchased a couple of bikes and Sable’s learning how to ride since he’d never ridden a bike before.  Regarding ‘the perfect ass” they’re just joking around, since Jack wouldn’t approach a woman like that, being a celebrity with an impeccable image. 

A side note: the ass is based on a real ass.  I was running on the bike path one day, stopped for a drink, and a woman walked by.  The next day I wrote this scene.  Since it was impossible for me to forget the details, as the image was implanted in my mind, I know I accurately describe her pants and her ass. 

The Opera deleted scene

The next day, Jack and Sable are riding bikes. Jack stops to drink from his stainless steel container of water and Sable stops too, joining him in a drink.

“You’re not bad. You’ll do all right if we take a bike trip tomorrow.” Jack challenges, “if you can handle it.”

Sable gives Jack a half look, exhibiting a lack of ambition to embark upon the lengthy excursion. A woman walks by wearing skin-tight spandex athletic capris, mostly a pale mauve, black down the sides, and black on the top around her waist. The black comes down into a curved V on the center back, giving her derrière a heart shape. Jack cannot remove his eyes from her ass as she walks by, making him greatful for his dark sunglasses.  She moves rapidly for exercise, each cheek lifted firmly as the alternate leg steps forward. Her hips pendulum side to side, the full roundness emphasized. It’s an ass that women probably hate to have but men more than anything want to get a hold of, in any number of positions. She doesn’t appear to be wearing underwear as Jack takes note there are no lines beneath the layer of thin material which is all that stands between Jack and her sumptuous skin. Sable looks at Jack, then her, then Jack again.

Jack blows out his mouth, “Man, now that’s an ass. That’s a perfect ass.”

Sable looks toward the woman.

“What do you think?”

Sable shrugs.

“All right, I’m sorry, man, but if that ass doesn’t do anything for you, you’re gay. You’ve got to be.”

“Ah appreciate th’ beauty ay women.”

“That’s not the same as being straight.”

“Aam nae bent.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Sae yoo’re wantin’ tae fuck ‘at lassie?”


“Aye, thaur wi’ th’ beautiful feckin’ erse.”

“She does have a beautiful ass. There aren’t many like that. Don’t see many of those in my business anyway. All the women are too skinny for an ass like that. It tempts me like my mother’s pecan pie.”

“Irene coods mak ye pecan pie.”

Jack smiles, not eased from the pain of what he reminded himself of, but gracious towards Sable’s evident sensitivity to the subject. Though Sable, not having a proper mother himself, could never comprehend that it really has nothing to do with the pie and everything to do with the woman baking the pie. In this case, this is especially true since Irene would probably poison the pie.

“Gae ride up tae ‘at lassie.”

“What, so I can get laid?”


“Celebrity or not, I can’t just go up to a woman on the street and proposition her. So what would be your plan?”

“Ye ride up tae her an’ say, hey bebbe, yoo’ve a sweet erse, wa dornt ye rub it aw ower mah face.”

Jack’s surprise stunts his reaction for a moment until he bursts out laughing. He laughs harder as Sable appears almost pleased with himself that he was able to amuse Jack so profoundly. “Yeah, that’d do it, I’m sure.” He laughs more, “Should I use the accent too? Then I’m a shoe-in.”

“Nae, ye jist be Jack Mariano. Ah hear th’ lassies quite loch ‘at bloke.”