Wednesday morning, July 31st...

I heard her final cries
at first it was a call to me
yet I paused
I paused until I heard her last breath
then I saw her
lying there and I realized
I never heard her sing
only the cries of needs or suffering
communicating in a way 
she taught me to understand
yet in the end
no matter how much I loved her
I couldn't save her
and in her final moments
I wasn't there to protect her
I hear her calling sometimes
only as I mourn
and wish to be reminded of her voice
I beg to remember
and she responds
the tiny ghost
the spirit of her brief being
she speaks to me
although she is leaving me
despite that I am not ready
to let her go
I feel her passing on
the depths of me ache
sorrow and remorse plague me
though I was powerless
her final calls echoe in my mind
two small cries before her death
they haunt me as I decay with her
I know I am more than blessed
to have even been given the chance
to love her at all
yet in my heart I long
I long to always hear her crying
so I might believe she still lives
farewell my dear little spirit
innocent soul
rest in peace