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It keeps me from walking
from doing things I love
holds me back and
desecrates my nature
I long for nature
the surroundings of my self
the internal response
of each echoe of life
these dispelled ambitions
capsized and swollen
my vessel a faulty tool
and these days 
lead in the distance
sometimes turning before
I can see
urging me to find my way
once again
my once self is long gone
traipsing behind
astray and meandering
hoping to find where I've gone
aimless, I've become
yet I don't cave in
as I choke on my swallowed pride
and while I limp on
imprisoned within this form
which is not my own
my once self awaits
I know this validity
because I hear his steps
carried from the distance
seeming closer than the strength
which will bring me home
we battle to join
some day
one day soon