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dimly golden was the morning
as I took my reverie
with pauses to instill and prepare
and indulge in the beauty there
when she sent a fare hello
by way of a spectre's departure
she came down and not long behind
her other form embarked upon the dawn
her first circled round
a silent guardian
her second sustaining the spirit
as she would be now
this occasion
as neither announced their presence
yet they came forward to me
without speaking
only importing with familiarity
as there was an instinct about my own soul
which revered her memory
in every pure sense of the word
it was I who walked away first
grateful for her membrance
as I was reminded of the ache
still embedded in sorrow
however gratifying it is
this renewal of my love 
for her
once I had gone back inside
she returned to me
she returned to that place
as if she could sense
where she once dwelled
and I called to her
beckoning her approach
she knew my voice
she knew me
she remembered
and this communion
will forever be
a doctrine of our time
which as it passes
will never submerge into the forgotten
the vagueness of years
when departure proves a disconnect
as I know now she will always remember
as will I 
as will I