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Ok I’ve lasted this long and I have my first friend Shree at http://heartsongsblog.wordpress.com/ Thanks Shree, my first Facebook friend.

Anyway I’ll give it a shot, but my blog will be my priority obviously.  I just need to figure out how I want to utilize fb.  Anyway, as I suspected there’s not a huge crossover from bloggers to facebookers, it’s a completely different community, I’ve always known that.  This is why, for professional reasons I’m exploring the facebook idea.  Maybe I should do linkd’n or something else though, hmmmmm….

Um, sorry, I was just thinking ‘aloud’

Ok if you want to be my friend on fb you can find me just by searching Sage Doyle or use the url http://www.facebook.com/sage.doyle

And this is my final post about fb.  I need to write a poem now.

Thanks for all your input!