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Who will be the one 
to lay them down
weakened by our bitter grace
emerging strong as we choose to end
this futile path, our depraved ambitions
we take our steps, fall to our knees
look into our brother's face
lay them down

He reaches with expended pride
a shoulder with corpses and souls to bear
and nothing but ferocity to give
so grip his broken enemy hand
as the man that sacrificed your will
now endeavors to help you stand
lay them down

We neither want to be that man
who makes the choice to lay them down
or forfeit all we stand to lose
discard all we fought to gain
and know humanity by which we are bound
then we take our brother's hand
and take a stand
to lay them down

I want to see the will of peace
emerge as the strongest voice
I want to hear the tears of relief
I want to have a trust in choice
but there is a power to prove
a pride to slaughter for
a vengeance to bear
while the children fear
and no one seems to recognize
that we only need to take a stand
and be that man
to lay them down