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That person I once knew has betrayed me
that person who knew me
knows me no longer
we formulize our acquaintance
and routinize our departure
making the rounds of what we once were
she doesn't understand
I am still the same, yet
and her expectations are impositions
upon what I have become
branded and scolded
deceived and unmolded
it wasn't necessarily a welcome transcendence
it tires me
wearing me down like a disease
sleeping like Winter
and fatigued
I am angry, swollen with virtue
disguised and disgraced
by explanations that bear no significance
to anyone
she doesn't understand
no one understands
and there's nothing I can do
but evolve and adapt
though I want to fight
I aim to alter the course of what is to come
transform the shape of this dominance
as I have grown to despise this entity
the specter which holds me prisoner
tortured and abandoned
hopeless but still me
still me
I am still me