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there are hands restraining me
like demon vices squeezing my muscles
besting and wrenching me  
and they haul
while I bash as a wilding wolf
a familiar lunging after
more hands 
more hands press my writhing frame 
and bring me down, this contortion of my own blame
they bring me down to the piss on the pavement
splitting my blistered skull while blood spills out
but I feel no pain
no pathetic containment
only I am suppressed and pinned
as I use all my strength to force release
but these hands will never cease
they abuse their power
I won't admit they have power over me
though their immensities smother me
amidst my bending and arching and growling for control
I will not die
my fight my body my force my will my
mortal victimization
my defeat my anger my will
to fight again
and again