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It was her will not mine when she claimed
my character, as I had shared all
this name like one unbeknownst to my mother
and I was proud of this my birth and viscera
yet she identified and absorbed, she 
placed her flag down on my territory
until I rebelled, counteracting beyond
what she could comprehend
she had no idea and yet she set my rage to flames
she forced the bellows and conjured the source
a fury of what she would later say
was fair weather and I would say
was the end
as she channeled what was decreed for me
forming and shaping, breeding more charges
all for my significance until she 
had set the case
of her own demise 
with the fostered cause of 
nothing to do
with me
the carnage ate my viscera and raped her vessel
becoming her kingdom, the deterioration of who she was
my friend, once my friend, still in my heart my friend
but her better friend was heroin