Ok this is just a reminder that I created my new blog for “The Journal of Wall Grimm”.  I’ve been reposting from the beginning of the series.  Currently it’s up to post five.  I am reposting twice per day, until I catch up to current posts, then Grimm will only exist on that blog.  So if anyone needs to start from the beginning, now is a great time to do it by visiting the new blog.


Clearly it’s going to take me a while to catch up, probably about 3 months, so I might change this plan prior to that point.

Here are some ideas, if anyone would like to offer me feedback or any suggestions:

*Posting old Grimms three times per day, either every day or a couple days per week.

*Posting new Grimms every three days instead of every two.

*Take a break from new Grimm, and focus on posting the old stuff on the new blog.  Then I’d reblog it here.

*Some kind of combination of continuing new Grimm, and reblogging old Grimm from the new blog.

I’m leaning towards either of the last two, however, if I reblog the old Grimm from the new blog, would that be too many posts if that’s two posts per day here, plus my poetry, plus new Grimm (or not), plus any extra stuff I’d want to do?

I think I just confused myself.

Please offer feedback.  I need it when I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, thanks for all your support!

Take care,