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Hey guess what?  I’m published!  I have a poem in The Paperbook Collective.  My poem “Brothers” is featured amongst the works of many other talented artists.  “Brothers” only exists in the collective, no where else.

The Paperbook Collective was created and organized by Jayde-Ashe at http://jaydeashe.wordpress.com/


“Each issue was printed out, cut down, recompiled and reformatted into A5 size. Each page was stuck back to back, then taken to Office Works to be photocopied. Each cover page was glued to a piece of card, then covered in clear contact paper. Each individual page was hand-folded, organised into the right order, then stapled inside the cover. Each page number was then handwritten on.”

For more information, click this link to the entire blog post about The Paperbook Zine:


There are currently 3 issues, with a 4th in development.  My poem is featured in issue #2, however, since it’s not very expensive, maybe…you’d like to have them all?

To order the Zine through paypal, this blog post gives you all the information you need:


Anyway, I’ll be ordering my own copy, and I’m going to give myself my autograph.