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I composed this poem with the very talented poet Shruti at http://ashadeofpen.wordpress.com/ Thank you so much Shruti!

Seeing a falling star from the sky
I quickly close my eyes
Of all the things that I could ask
I seek love for those who die
From pains of being forever alone
for freedom from the aching soul
and despite the harsh realities
of the lives unbeknownst to me
no one should know that pain

The type of pain that rips you apart
And leaves you bleeding hard
I have felt the pangs pierce me deep
As I hopelessly crave to sleep
And yet the nightmares refuse to yield
or allow me a fragment of peace
in this my world where I lie to rest
despite that it is my guise to try
my sleep will not leave me be

The eyes are hollow and shine like glass
They hide the pain during the day
but when the darkness of the night descends
The horror that the eyes reflect
Slowly kills the bleeding heart
and I am the befallen hero
who never walks away
and this sleep is my burden
as I heave the weight of the destitute
resisting the absence of myself alone