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I composed this poem with my friend Susan at http://polysyllabicprofundities.com/ I love the subject about words so I thank her for prompting this one. Thanks Susan!


Words are delivered in whispers
from poets who have gone long before,
channeling rhymes of wisdom
not to be dismissed as folklore.
So much to be said about words
as we speak of deprived clarity
and words restrained from whispers
disguise our private realities.
Tortured voices of writers,
struggling to capture their muse,
float like feathers in currents of air,
pain and reality infused.
The books become bitter corpses
with nothing but the scent
of musty pages and forgotten shelves
while they await the passing dissent.
The words will live long after
the pages no longer have form.
Those whispers of writers before us
take life and begin to transform.