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These ounces of me, exuding that immensity
which carries you through, and yet
you are not happy
all that I do, it's all I want to do
to take on your burdens so you can breathe
and make you happy
cry to me, let your tears fall on me
though I don't own that anger
it birthed not from me
I'm the one that sucks it up and takes it in
if only to free you of it
so you can be happy
and the more I take of your anguish
and the more I give of myself 
the more you pull away
the less you are happy
it hurts me because I am not the enemy
and I strive for you, I push to the limits for you
I give more of myself than there is to give, for you
I will do whatever I can for you
to make you happy
call me a sucker, if you want
if that's what it takes
to make you happy