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Akira Okihu is the amazing and talented young blogger who organized the story “The Manes”, for which I wrote part 2.  I think you will agree with me how ambitious he is after you read this promo for his blog, “A Corner of My Mind” http://akirastories.wordpress.com/ Be sure to read through this entire promo, since there are some intriguing interactive opportunities Akira has planned…

“A Corner of My Mind” http://akirastories.wordpress.com/

So, what’s the blog all about?

My blog is as much about writing as about community, so, for easy understanding, I divided it up in two parts: my work as a writer and “Project Infinity”.

-My work as a writer…

On this blog I publish a new short story every week, for working my skills or just for fun. The short stories vary a lot, usually without a certain category in mind. When I am posting a short story I usually don’t go with the “And they lived happily ever after” ending, not only for the cliché in it but also because I want my stories to leave a mark, to raise questions or just to be different.

Besides the short stories, I also work on a collection of stories to post there, and a novella, all for the blog.

What’s the best part of it? Everything is free! My blog is running with a creative commons license, so you can simply modify anything on my blog and post it on yours, or even sell it, as long as I and my blog get credit. Also, the e-books which I will publish will be mostly free (all of them, with some exceptions).

So, how will they be free and how will I make a living out of it?

My blog has a big donation button on the right and a donation page. I even take special requests from donors, which I will try to accomplish. If you don’t have ideas, I will also post a “Paid Services” page, in which you basically donate and you have premade special requests.

My e-books will get special treatment and I will publish them using Gumroad. Why Gumroad? As I said, all of them will be free, but Gumroad has a special feature in which you can tip the author as much as you want. So I let you estimate how much my work is worth.

-And what about “Project Infinity”?

Project Infinity is a world-building project in which the community matters the most. My ambition is to not only create a civilization, but also an alphabet, a language (with it’s own rules), the whole fauna and flora, dictionaries and more!

While I can do this all alone, I decided to let this world be used by anyone, adding their own inventions to it. That’s why the community matters the most. If anyone wants to write something about it, legends, encyclopedias or anything else they can contact me (with their work finished) and I will post it on my blog (giving the credit for the writer, of course!).

And not only dozens of pages, I also post little things from the community, like a word in the language of the civilization we are making or an illustration about a legend, a new plant for the world and more.

This is an ambitious project and I try to create a world not only for me, but for any writer who wants a special place for their characters. What’s the best about it is that it is always changing and everyone can modify the world as they want, all thanks to Creative Commons.

About the author:


My name is Liviu Marian Sopon, but I’d rather be called Akira Okihu. I was born on the third day of the month and the third day of the week, on 3rd February 1999 (I was born on a Wednesday).

At my age, I do what most people do, I dream! So, what was my dream since I was young? To be a full time writer. Unfortunately, this wasn’t realistic in my country and I understood that if I ever want to do something like this, I have to go international.

There are some mistakes in my grammar and also in my writing (a lot less here, thanks to the proof-reading tools), but I hope that, with the help of the community, I will get better.

I always enjoyed writing stories, sometimes very weird… It’s nice to come across old memories, so expect a little weirdness in my writing. (for example, I once wrote a story in a story in a story…). I enjoy creating, a lot! Just that, in my country, writers don’t get much, mostly disapprovement and laughs.

After sending a book to one of our biggest publishing houses I had to wait an year (their limit, as they said, was 6 months, for when they had too many books to review) for 20 pages to be read. And not only that, but I also had to call them more than was normal, just for a single word: NO. That’s the reason I decided to open a blog.

For now I can keep this blog free and not get any revenue from it, but the time will come when I won’t be able to do this anymore (in a few years, nothing to get scared of), that’s why I am starting now, when I can make the most out of my free-time. I understand that I will have to keep a family, so in hopes of being a non-profit author, getting money solely from donations, I wish to become a full-time writer!

But that’s up to you to decide.