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Today I’m promoting an amazing woman, Core Fancy.  I can’t possibly give an intro better than what she has to say in her own words via excerpts from her blogs, and a couple things she said to me in our emails as I was preparing for this.  She’s a woman to admire and I highly recommend checking out her blogs.


“I have been writing for years and never had the guts to throw myself out there.”


“I have done a lot of ghostwriting, lyrics, and poetry for many, unfortunately without recognition.

“I also started CoreFancy which helps abused victims find themselves again through counseling, beauty, modeling, and group support.

“I currently live in Mexico and have started a tradeschool here for the less fortunate who can not afford high cost education, through sponsors and donators I am able to help people aquire skills to better their future.

“I LOVE writing and hope to at least publish one book before I die, but not just a fairytale, but a book with inspiration, adventure, poetry, lyrics, mystery, and a touching yet real ending.”



“I adopted the nickname Fancy from school for the way I dressed I rarely wore jeans,T-shirts, sweats or sneakers. I wore high heels, skirts, dresses,sparkle, and glitz! Hair always done along with manicures and pedicures…it was my way of feeling……… Fancy!

“But this name for me is a new beginning after Years of abuse and near death…. It’s a way for me to get rid of the name that stained my existence with horrible memories and turmoil! Now I live my life like a Butterfly just out of it’s cocoon that first flight after years of being bottled up in darkness is finally over….I am now Fearless and well on my way to finding me again!

“I am here to encourage all the women who have suffered and are suffering today that you can get away and there is better out there for you, you are worth more than you think you are….and even with the scars and bruises you can rise up brush off and start over…. if I can you can too!

“The hardest thing for me was fighting the feeling of worthlessness and not letting people hurt my already torn apart soul again and again it is almost impossible not to be sensitive to remarks when you suffered verbal abuse as well as physical I suffered every type of abuse and it takes alot of courage to face the world with all I have been through but if I can help at least one woman out there then it is well worth it….. I want all of you that have gone through this to know that I am here for you and I will share my story so you can see you are not alone, feel free to email me and we will fight abuse together so our children don’t end up following our tragic cycles…I am one woman who fought and won! Your’s Truly, Fancy :)”



The Beauty of Survival

“My life Story (Not Pretty)”


“A blanket of complete fear covered me as I walked slowly to my car slightly turning my head just enough to get a glimpse out the corner of my eye. Hoping for a clean get away, with a rock in the pit of my stomach and an incredible bout of the shakes, I found it nearly impossible to open the car door with my keys, struggling to gain control of my hand I nearly drop the keys slightly scratching the white paint. My eyes begin to sting and ache from the constant scanning of my surroundings. Finally I get in lock the doors, frantically turn to put my seat belt around me and to my horror he stood face to face in the drivers side window raising his fist with a red wrapped handkerchief …SLAM!!! Repeatedly he pounded the window cracking it! I knew the next hit would be enough to shatter the glass! I had to gun it! I put the car in reverse driving over his foot and with spinning tires I pushed the pedal to the floor and didn’t dare look back!”



“I am a dedicated business woman, a Model, Singer, Photographer, Cartoonist, and Writer.  I also design web pages, help market and promotes businesses using a wide range of techniques.  I am bilingual, work with many outreach programs and a mother of three!  I involve myself in many programs, charities and drives, such as…Reading to Children and Cancer Patients, Working with Big Brother and Big Sister Organizations, JP Morgan, as well as Domestic Violence Outreach!  My goal is to change the thought process of many young woman who’s sense of reality is often warped by the mind games of abusers, who live to find them, and use them as pawns to further boost their ego!  In simple terms…..It’s important to make your own opinions and decide your own destiny!!!! You don’t have to think like him, be what he wants you to be or do what he demands you do!  It’s a free country, you have the right to speak your opinions.  Why can’t you do it in a relationship and not get knocked down for it?”


Fancy’s other sites:





Lastly, I asked Fancy to send photos for me to include in the post.  She included this photo below, and had this to say about it:

“The last photo means a lot to me.  It was my last day of treatment for cancer and I was laying in my hammock in the back yard of my house.  Recovering, feeling weak, but at the same time relieved and happy I made it through!

“My butterfly tattoo was my way of saying, I have a new beginning after all I have suffered, I am going to fly!”