This is the most amazing tribute for me as a writer to have one of my characters analyzed and used in a thematic post. Thanks so much Adrienne!

Nothing Gilded, Nothing Gained-Author Adrienne Morris

Yesterday I mentioned how modernism is informing my novel writing which made me think of another writer’s excellent blog set up as a fictional journal of a great character named Wall Grimm. As a warning I will say that the blog is R-rated for mature content (sometimes as I read it I’m thinking –Wall, too much information! But then it is supposed to be a private journal :)).


Wall Grimm has some issues. He’s in love with Emma, but he’s also in love with drugs and sex any way he can get it. He’s a complex and lovably screwed up character. I think I like Wall so much because he sums up what the last few generations of Americans have had to deal with—free sex, confused feminism and a feeling that just out of reach is a thing, a way of living that offers real beauty but seems impossible to…

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