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It was my pleasure to write this poem with the very talented Hasty http://hastywords.wordpress.com/ who gives me the honor of writing poems with me now and then. Thank you Hasty!

Many miles separate us
yet we see the same sky
many miles between us
yet your presence sits
comfortably in my mind
I know you beyond what I see
perhaps we have met before
we precede this ease and discourse
teased and released
with words to pass and ensure

Connections course easily
back and forth, to and fro
a conduit of electricity
sparking conversations
personalities in synchronicity

There is something waking
alive in the winds we breathe
like a cyclonic emergence
undulating beneath the surface
of all formality

A dual transformation of sorts 
Takes place quietly, underneath the noise 
A cosmic exchange, a big bang 
Masters of a new universe we became 
New worlds born upon our creative slang

And you are the sublime sculptor
with the delicate hands of artistry
creating our subtle nuanced armature
and I am the hope for our music
a rhythm pulsing between us

Our friendship, our magnum opus
our seamless metrical time, pacing
within the cadence of this one common life
as we submit ourselves
for faithful acceptance