"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

November 14, 2012

I had problems last night with my computer so I called for online support.  The girl was asking me questions about my problem and obviously I was answering them.  Then she says, “Are you wearing a dress?”

I said, “what?”

She said, “Oh sorry, never mind, that was…sorry, never mind” then she resumed asking questions.

I wanted to laugh so hard and I wanted to say “what the fuck did you just say???”  I don’t even know how she got that question in there.  It was either that she was communicating with someone else online telling her what to say to me or it was one of those books or online programs for sales people or for people like her who give services where it’s an A leads to B leads to C or D and all that.

So…what I want to know is…how was that question…

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