"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

November 25, 2012

Friday I asked Lauren to leave and she begged to stay, even getting on her knees.  How can I say no to a naked, pretty little redhead on her knees at my feet, begging.  I mean, damn, that’s impossible.  So I went out Friday night and I just got home this morning.  Lauren’s asleep.  It’s strange though, she never calls when I’m out.  It’s like she doesn’t even care where I go or what I do, she’s just here for me when I get home.  Like a pet.  It’s kind of neat when I think of it that way.  I have a pet Lauren.

Enough about her for now.  I want to talk about Saturday.  My friends and I went hiking then camped out.  I hadn’t brought any camping equipment because I didn’t know we were going but they brought some shit for me.  I’m home early…

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