New Grimm on the Wall Grimm blog. This isn’t a regular journal entry and there will be two more of these posts. The notebook featured in this is real. I acquired it recently, along with the letters that Grimm mentions.

"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

Sharly got several boxes of old stuff from an old house that was cleaned out.  The stuff dates from maybe 1920s or so on through the 1960s.  There’s this guy who was an artist, so there was all this artwork.  She gave me a couple letters of correspondence between him and a friend of his, dated from 1962.  I also got this little notebook, apparently from around the same time.


It had some addresses and stuff in it, that are probably no longer valid.  It also had some sketchings, lists, directions, math, and random notes like this:


There were a few narratives, I’ll document them later.  But here’s some sketchings.  I photographed them to paste in my journal because I didn’t want to tear them from the notebook, which I want to keep intact, but I suck as a photographer so some of the pics are blurry.  Some of these people…

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