"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

Here are some narratives from the notebook, with more sketchings.  There is a longer narrative that I will document another time.  This guy had to be a beatnik.  This stuff’s unbelievable.

This one says, “The boudoir shall be royal purple silk, thy chamber maids shall be worms.”

sketching with words

The following two have a narrative that seems to begin in the middle of something longer, but this is all that was there:

“and drunk at twenty and could never die.  I see winged shadows flitting by as I record these thoughts.  What a wild bit.  Perhaps, after all, I am contemplating a naval greater than my own.  Ah, I hope so.”

“fates and hands in tree stumps at rivers edge can’t find any elsewhere Water Gods, or something, my God what a killing routine, there is the difference between man and boy. Boy doesn’t realize there can be this shackling of spirit…

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