I’m just making this post in case anyone wants to donate towards aid for people in the Philippines who are suffering the devastation following Typhoon Yolanda. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out the best means to help or the safest organizations out there for contribution.  I’ve always found the Red Cross to be the most reliable organization.  The American Red Cross has a specific fund for this particular disaster that you can find on their site:


And this is the link to the Philippine Red Cross:


Of course there are other organizations and methods to donate.  One thing to remember, as we see during these disasters, is that it takes years to recover.  The length of recovery from devastation of this extreme is unimaginable.  So it’s never too late to donate.

My heart goes out to all the people whose basic human needs are being deprived, who are suffering physically and emotionally, and who have lost loved ones.  This is an unbelievable tragedy.

Take care,