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On my new blog, “The Journal of Wall Grimm” http://wallgrimm.wordpress.com/ I have quite a few pages.  Below are the links to some.  The blog still is in the “work in progress” stage, but once Grimm has transitioned completely, (within the next two months), these pages will evolve into much more.  I hope posting 2 or 3 posts per day isn’t too much, but I’m anxious to get it all over there.  I have a lot of things planned for the blog.

Anyway, if you’re interested in having a look, here are the titles and links to the pages:

DIALOGUE WITH GRIMM (in case you want to ask Grimm a question)http://wallgrimm.wordpress.com/dialogue-with-wall-grimm/

EMMA http://wallgrimm.wordpress.com/emma/

GARY OLDMAN http://wallgrimm.wordpress.com/gary-oldman/

GRIMM’S EASTWOOD & STEPPING WOLVES http://wallgrimm.wordpress.com/grimms-eastwood-stepping-wolves/

JOURNAL ENTRY INDEX (links to all the posts which have already been transitioned over) http://wallgrimm.wordpress.com/post-index/

WALL GRIMM http://wallgrimm.wordpress.com/wall-grimm/

There are also the character directories and an About page.  Regarding the Categories, any post that isn’t a standard journal entry will go under the “Random Grimm-ness” category.

And if you want Grimm to appear in your reader, I’ve learned that it doesn’t show up there if you’re only following my Sage Doyle blog, unfortunately.  So be sure to follow the blog independently of mine, only if you want them in your reader of course.  This is strange since my liking/following of your blogs happens from only me as the admin of both blogs.  Confusing :/

And that’s all for now.  Thanks so much for coming by!

Take care,