"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

If my estimations are correct, the very first new Grimm on the “Wall Grimm” blog will be posted on December 18th. 

I’m anxious for the transition to come to an end.  Again, I apologize that it has consumed most of my attention, in effect overshadowing the “Sage Doyle” blog.  Yet once the process is complete, there will be more poetry on “Sage Doyle” and I’ll be focusing on organizing the archives of the poetry that I already have on there.  On “Wall Grimm” I have brainstormed things to do with my old writing that didn’t seem to fit in anywhere else.

One idea I’m tossing around is my decision to take an old novel, which needs work, and post it on “Wall Grimm” as if it’s a novel Grimm is writing.  I figure if it’s posted in pieces, as in a serial, the flow is different than it would read as a novel, and I…

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