"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

March 5, 2013

Ok so Sunday I went and got a tattoo.  I met Hasty when Pete dragged me to the gay bar with Sweetheart last week.  Hasty’s really cool and so we decided that we were going to get tattoos.  We planned to meet up Sunday and go meet my tattoo guy, who happens to be my friend John.  I showed up at Dunkin Donuts to meet her and she brought a guy friend with her, which makes sense, because I didn’t think about it but it’s not really safe to go off with a strange guy with blue hair on a whim.  Speaking of hair, Hasty was wearing a blonde wig kinda like Marilyn Monroe.  Really hot.

Anyway, her friend’s name was Patrick and he was cool too.  We got some coffees first and showed each other our drawings for the tattoos we wanted.  Patrick wasn’t getting one but he…

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