"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

March 21, 2013

Today’s the first day of Spring, or was it yesterday.  Either way there’s still several feet of snow on the ground.  Tuesday, I called Patrick and Hasty and they came over later after I was done shoveling for the landlord and they were done work or whatever.  By then, the snow was definitely snowman snow.  We had some sleet in the mix so the snow was real sticky.  We went out back and began building a fort that was over 6 feet tall.  I’m 5’10″ so it was high up as I could reach with my arms and my arms are longer than 24 inches.

I went and got a ladder from the shed.  The landlord gave me a key so I can do work for him.  We built the fort near a tree, so I propped the ladder against the tree and our next job was…

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