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I wrote this poem for Shree Jacob at “The Heartsongs Blog” http://heartsongsblog.wordpress.com/

She was hoping I’d write a happy poem soon, so I told her I would.  This was her reply:

“I wonder if your regular reader might just choke on their morning coffee reading Sage Doyle’s poem of Unicorns and Dragons prancing about in a field of tiny pink flowers under a bright beautiful rainbow…hahahahahaha!”

All right Shree, I took you up on that challenge, and I hope you like the result, despite that I only wrote about one unicorn and one dragon, not in the plural like you said.  Thanks Shree for being a most engaging and interactive blogging friend!

Vastly arched overhead and into the horizon
the hues beyond my reach as the cascades
within the trees drip into the soil
soaked and fertile, with rays offering relief
while mauve beauties droop in the damp
but arise from their satiation
nearly pressed down to their roots
by the hoofs and talons of the unusual pair
while they stride across the clearing
one with scales and wings baiting his firey breath
pining in pursuit of the hornéd mare 
engaged in the trot of a coquette
what a peculiar sight!
and yet I might ask if it weren't for the libation
upon which I imbibed like a glutton
would this mirage have appeared before me at all?