"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

April 16, 2013

Since I left Charlotte’s Web Thursday, this is what I’ve done:

I went to my parents’ house, showered, ate, got a change of clothing, ‘borrowed’ $200 from some money they stashed away, and left.  They were at work so I came and went before they got home.  Then I went to Ayla’s.  She lives with her parents now but they were working.  So we fucked for a while and I spent the night there without her parents knowing.  Friday morning I showered, ate, borrowed money from Ayla, $50, and left.  She actually handed me the money so it was a legitimate borrow.  Friday we had some crazy rainy hail and sleet day so I went to the library and just sat there most of the day reading.  Of course I’d slip into the bathroom now and then to drink and drug.  When the library closed, I went to…

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