I wanted to do a Thanksgiving post, but a lot of people oppose Thanksgiving because of the history. I think Wall Grimm sums it up pretty well here. Personally I’m thankful for everything in my life, even the bad stuff. Right now, there are challenges, but essentially my life is awesome and I’m so grateful for it. I acknowledge my blessings every day. Most relevant is my appreciation for all my readers and how valuable the blogging experience is for me. Wherever you are, have a great day, and I hope you have many things to be thankful for. Thank you!

"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

November 22, 2012

Well it’s Thanksgiving and I’m at my parents’ house for a 1:00 Thanksgiving dinner.  I left Lauren at my apartment, because …she’s still there.  I guess I could tell her to get the fuck out, but I can never bring myself to say or do anything mean to girls.  I’m kind of a sucker like that.  If Emma was talking to me, I’d have her get rid of Lauren for me, and she would do it too.  Emma usually asks me to go with her on Thanksgiving in the evening and I have a lot of fun with her family, but she didn’t call me.  I am so fucking sad my whole body aches.  I can’t just let this go on, I have to resolve things with her.  And though Lauren is hot and sweet and barely ever talks, I need my space.  She’s intruding upon me…

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