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If anyone has noticed, I have a countdown located at the top left sidebar.  I’m counting down the days until all the Wall Grimm posts will appear independently on his blog.  I’m anxious for the end of the transition, and so in order to stay within that time frame I will continue to post 3 journal entries per day on “The Journal of Wall Grimm”.  On days when I write a new post here, I will post 4.  That should do it.  It is two weeks away.  So be sure to follow in order to read the new Grimm’s once they’re over there.


I’ll repeat myself, sorry, just in case this information passed you by, but if you’re not following Grimm directly, the posts won’t turn up in your reader, even if you’re following me.  I wish I had set up the blog a different way to make it easier, but I didn’t, and I’m satisfied anyway because I like the new blog.  Although, I am sacrificing all my old likes and comments as I delete the old posts from here.  Also, if anyone has done a pingback to any of the posts, you might want to change the link, since it won’t exist here anymore and all the links are different.

During the process of deleting posts this morning, I discovered a missing Road Trip post, number 11: Temperance.  I must have forgotten to include it in my directory, and so I completely forgot about it.  I’ll be posting that sometime today on the Grimm blog.

Once the blogs are separated, it will be simpler for me to devote more time to each blog, since I’ll be focusing less on organization.

Also, I want to welcome my new followers.  Stick with me, this is a transitional time for both blogs, soon to come to an end.  And if you’ve come by either blog, I’ll definitely be by yours, usually within a few days.  I try not to let it go longer than that.  I visit blogs now strictly through my email, based on like notifications, as opposed to going through my reader.  As soon as I have more time, I’ll be venturing off to find new blogs I haven’t yet encountered.

Anyway, take care everyone, and thanks again for your readership.